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Flowers do not bloom without a little rain.

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Imagine going to the gym and lifting the lightest weights there and were incredibly easy for you to lift. Would you build any muscle? Would you tone up? Probably not, right?

Similarly, we all need a certain amount of challenge or difficulty in our lives to grow. After all, no matter how beautiful flowers look on sunny days, they can’t bloom without a little rain

No matter how much we struggle or resist difficulties, challenging times stimulate more growth in us than good times can spark.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why challenges are necessary and incredibly beneficial in our lives.

Reflect & Change for the Better

When we go through struggles, we are forced to consider what we can change. For example, if you are struggling in your job, you might think about what profession you would enjoy more. If you are finding challenges in your relationship, you might consider what you can do better when communicating with your partner.

Build Compassion & Empathy

Your struggles can make you a better friend! When we go through difficulties, we are able to empathize and relate to others who are also going through challenges. Our struggles can give us the insight, compassion, and patience needed when someone else is going through pain and needs our support.

Makes Us More Grateful

One of the best things about pain is that it gives us perspective. Often, we don’t realize how abundant and blessed we are until something bad happens. When we go through bad times, we learn to appreciate the good and we feel a lot more gratitude for the things we DO have.

Helps Us Grow Stronger

We can only grow when we are outside our comfort zone. Every time we face a challenge, we are forced to think outside of the box and do something different, helping us grow wiser and stronger. Challenges create resistance, and just like in the gym, resistance builds strength. It’s only through solving problems can we spark mental and emotional strength.

Gives Us Sense of Accomplishment

There’s nothing as satisfying as conquering trials and overcoming challenges. Imagine if you had a perfect life with no problems and you were just handed millions of dollars. On the other hand, imagine you worked hard to build the business of your dreams, taking risks, staying up at night, and sacrificing ‘fun’, and you finally got your first sale. What would feel more rewarding? The latter, right?

While an ‘easy’ life can look shiny and enthralling, the feeling of accomplishment is missing. So, the next time you face a challenge, conquer it with the reminder of the sweet feeling you will receive after you achieve your goal.

What doesn’t challenge you, won’t change you. Look at challenges as an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself. Face your challenges with determination and be grateful for the chance to learn a lesson, grow, and become stronger. Just like flowers don’t bloom without a little rain, challenges are necessary for you to bloom into your best, kindest, strongest, and wisest self.

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