Self-Care Sunday

Ahhhhh, self-care. The thing we tend to put on the bottom of our daily to do lists. We promise ourselves that when we are done with a bunch of things, we will do something for ourselves. Or we say that we will do it “when we have time”. (Spoiler alert – we will never have the time. We must make the time!) Here’s the thing about self-care. It isn’t a selfish endeavor…and we aren’t martyrs for neglecting to take care of ourselves. Self-care is critical for our mental health. It helps put us in a healthy mindset. And if you’ve been with me even for a short period, you know I believe that mindset is everything! 

Take the time to prioritize your mental health by taking time every day to do something that nourishes your soul, makes you happy or recharges you. When we take care of ourselves, we are better people to others. 

Each Sunday I will post something that I am doing to practice self-care. It might be something super basic, but believe me, sometimes those basic things make a huge difference in our mindset. By coming along on my journey, I hope to give you some ideas about what you can incorporate in your own routine. I know it can be tricky to find things to do for yourself when you haven’t done it a lot. 

Harry Potter Potion Series – Wolfsbane

Wolfsbane is a potion that temporarily prevents the drinker from transforming into a werewolf. This is a tricky potion to make, as it can become poisonous if brewed incorrectly. When Professor Lupin came to teach at Hogwarts, Potions Master Severus Snape provided him with a limitless supply of wolfsbane potion that he brewed.  Ingredients I used: Small Glass Bottle Styling Gel Blue Food Coloring Glitter (I used shades of blue and silver – I also

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Draught of Living Death

Draught (pronounced draft) of Living Death is a powerful substance that sends the drinker into a death-like sleep. The effects are similar to suspended animation and it is a very difficult potion to brew. Ingredients I used: Small Glass Bottle Rubbing Alcohol Funnel Rubber Cork Pearl White Metallic Acrylic Paint Funnel Jute Twine Grey Suede Cording Potion Label I didn’t have purple metallic paint, so I just used the pearl white metallic I had from

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Venomous Tentacula Leaves

These venomous leaves come from the Venomous Tentacula plant. This plant is dangerous, as the vines branch out and grab living prey. According to Horace Slughorn, the leaves are expensive, and they are highly valuable in potion making. Ingredients I used: Metal Tin Silk Leaves Black and Metallic Bronze Paint Silk Leaves Black Tissue Paper Paint Brush Foam Brush Potion Labels In the tutorial C&CC uses spray paint to paint the metal tin. I didn’t

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Essence of Dittany

Essence of Dittany is a healing potion. Made from dried and crushed dittany leaves and salt water, this rare solution can be used on shallow wounds to heal them instantly. Fresh skin grows over the wound and the wound appears to be several days old. Ingredients I used: 2-ounce Amber Glass Bottle With Dropper Rubbing Alcohol Funnel Gold Metallic Acrylic Paint Jute Twine Potion Label C&CC did some lovely embellishing on hers with the gold

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Potions From The Woodlands – Toad Warts

The last potion from The Woodlands we created was pixie dust. I thought Toad Warts fit well into this series because toads are found in the forest. This potion is a little more involved than the others, since we have to make the warts ahead of time. Ingredients I used: Medium Size Glass Bottle (I like a cylinder shape for this one) Styling Gel Light Green and Brown Food Coloring (I used gel food coloring)

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Veritaserum

Ahhh, veritaserum! This clear, odorless and tasteless substance forces the drinker to tell the truth. Like Snape tells Harry, three drops of it would get anyone to spill their darkest secrets. This potion was super easy because you’re just pouring alcohol into the green bottle. If you are using a bottle that has a cork, swap out the cork for a rubber one, since alcohol soaked in regular corks can be used to start a

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Thestral Hair

We are first introduced to thestrals in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. They can only be seen by people who have witnessed death. Thestral hair is the most difficult substance to use in wandmaking because it is unstable. However, the Elder Wand’s core is thestral hair. This was one of my favorite potions to make so far. I love the colors and embellishments on the bottle. And it just feels…magical. Ingredients I

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Harry Potter Potion Series – Acromantula Venom

Acromantula Venom is a highly prized substance in potion making. It comes from the Acromantula spider and is impossible to extract while the spider is alive. Because the venom dries up quickly after death, the witch or wizard collecting it must do it fast. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horace Slughorn attends Aragog’s funeral and harvests the venom from the spider. Ingredients I used: Small Glass Bottle Styling Gel Pearl White Metallic Acrylic

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