Hi, hello and greetings! Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! My name is Heather and I appreciate you stopping by to check out Mindset Made Better. This is my little cozy corner where I share my own personal mission to grow into the best version of myself, as well as my own struggles. I truly believe that we are all on our own journey, and that we learn so much more from our valleys than our peaks. Here, I share lessons that I have learned that I hope offers you a new perspective, provides you with inspiration, motivation and encouragement when you need it.  

And what makes me an authority on this subject or qualified to dispense such wisdom? Absolutely nothing! You see, I am just a “regular” person like you who has gone through my own struggles and just want to share what I am learning on my journey. 

Before I started Mindset Made Better, I really struggled with a codependent mindset that infected all aspects of my life. It’s natural to want the people we love to love and accept us. But for me it became a huge problem when I depended on external validation to feel good about myself or if I was dependent on a specific outcome. I’ve literally spent years educating myself on my own childhood programming and how it has shaped how I interact with the world as an adult. Believe me when I tell you that I had a lot of work to do, and I’m still working on it. I am constantly evolving and learning – and I am excited to share it all with you. I hope some of what I have to say helps illuminate your path ahead. 

One of the things that I have found comforting are old quotes and sayings. For whatever reason, when I was in a bad mental space, finding these old quotes and reading them really helped center and ground me. I started internalizing what these quotes mean, specific to life in general, as well as my own situation. While reflecting on their meaning, I realized that you can really dig deeper into them and apply this wisdom to modern life. This is where my idea for Mindset Made Better came from. I love creating, so I started by adding these quotes to my own designs. Then I posted them to Pinterest and was shocked at how many people re-pinned them. So, then I decided to start writing whatever came to my mind about what the quote meant in my life, and people actually read it! Wow! I was surprised that someone else would take the time to read my thoughts! Mindset Made Better was created shortly after that.

On this website, you will find daily quotes and a post about each one. I generally post these Monday through Friday. In some posts, I really do a deep dive, and others are a bit shorter in length. I also have a “Self-Care Sunday” section devoted specifically to doing little things that nourish my soul. When I began my own journey, I had no idea how to practice self-care. I was of the opinion, that I simply don’t have time to “pamper” myself or that it was SELFISH to do so. Ha! But then I learned that self-care is essential, and it isn’t selfish at all. It is actually an important part of mental health, that helps us show up better for ourselves and our loved ones. This section will help keep me on point, and accountable each week by sharing what I am doing, AND I hope it gives you some ideas as to what you can incorporate into your own self-care routine.

Also, because I like to be 100% transparent:

From time to time I will recommend products, books or services that I find valuable as an affiliate. This may be in some of our daily posts, or on our Self-Care Sunday page. In those instances, buying these products or using these services will not cost you any extra and will provide our website a small commission that helps to keep us on-line and free to everyone. Please know I would never recommend anything to you that I don’t 100% stand behind or truly love. Thank you so much for your continued support – it means a lot to us!

With all that being said…since we’re all in this together, doing this amazing adventure called life, we should be friends! Connect with me by leaving a comment or feel free to use our contact form if you have a specific issue or topic you like us to cover or you just wanted to say hello!