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It’s our time down here.

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Last month I talked about The Goonies. In the same speech I referenced last month, Mickey also reminds his friends that “it’s our time down here” while they are looking for One-Eyed Willy’s treasure. Some of his friends are thinking about abandoning the hunt for the treasure. Mikey gives a speech about how this is the last shot they have at changing the course of their future.

The Goonies (4/5) Movie CLIP - It's Our Time Down Here (1985) HD

There’s a lot we can learn from Mikey’s speech. At this point in the story, the Goonies are at a crossroads. They can continue an adventure that is a bit dangerous and uncertain. It might yield great financial reward, but it might not. Worst case scenario, they don’t find the treasure, but their last weekend together is filled with unforgettable adventure.

Or they can go up Troy’s bucket, be brought up to safety and their adventure ends. Their parents lose their homes, and the friends are separated.

Mikey inspires his friends to think about all that can go right, rather than what can go wrong while on their adventure. He reminds them of all that they have to lose, should they go up Troy’s bucket. He unites them together, because he knows together, they are stronger. And most importantly, he highlights what the real purpose is of finding this treasure. It is to save their homes. To help their families. And continue to grow up together. It’s not to be rich.

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