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Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can’t carry it for you…but I can carry you!

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Can I just say that when it comes to our circle of friends, we all need a Samwise Gamgee in it? Sean Astin (remember him as Mikey from The Goonies?)  plays Frodo’s (played by Elijah Wood) best friend through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. In The Return of the King, Frodo Baggins is the ringbearer of the one ring that rules them all.

On their mission to destroy the ring and restore peace to Middle Earth, Frodo is slowly being overtaken by the ring’s power. Sam has been his biggest supporter and friend, even when Gollum tried to turn Frodo against Sam. While embracing Frodo on the slope of Mount Doom, Sam finds the strength and stamina to pick up Frodo and carry him into the volcano to destroy the ring once and for all.  

LOTR The Return of the King - "I Can't Carry It For You... But I Can Carry You"

While we all need friends like Sam, to help us weather the storms together, we also need to be like Sam to our friends. Having people who care about you and are there for you during difficult times can ease your burdens. And it feels amazing to be the friend that brings someone that kind of comfort during their dark times. Even if they just want to sit in the dark for a while, you can sit there with them, so they aren’t alone.

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