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Winter is coming.

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If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you are aware of the catchphrase that everyone in Westeros uses, “Winter is coming.” But what does it really mean?

All Scenes of Winter is coming in Game of thrones

While “Winter is coming” is the motto of House Stark, there are probably at least three distinct meanings to this quote. First, the Starks live in the North, in Winterfell. Winter hits their land the hardest, so they are in a constant state of preparation. This could literally mean, prepare for the Winter.

“Winter is coming” can also mean The Starks are coming. When Arya Stark kills members of House Frey who participated in the Red Wedding, she tells the people that she spared to tell everyone else that, “Winter came for House Frey.”

Perhaps the overall meaning of, “Winter is coming” is the overhanging threat that ultimately comes to fruition. This would be the return of the White Walkers and they must all be prepared for such an event.

While we don’t live in Westeros, it is always good to be prepared. Whether it is saving money for a rainy day, stocking up on things you might need, having a plan on what you will do if X happens, etc. it helps us to know we have a plan of how we will handle things if we need to.  

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