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The greatest teacher, failure is.

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In The Last Jedi, Master Yoda visits Luke on the mostly ocean planet, Ahch-To, where he has chosen to live in exile. This location is significant as it is where the Jedi Order was first founded, and the location of the first Jedi Temple.

Yoda tells Luke about all the Jedi teachings he was supposed to pass on, specifically, failure. He says that failure is the most important thing to pass on because, “the greatest teacher, failure is.”

The greatest teacher is failure.

I’ve talked at length in various posts how important failure is. It is our biggest teacher because we will always gain valuable experience through every failure we have. And the only true failure that exists is either not trying or refusing to get back up when you fail.

The truth is, we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take. If we are still alive and breathing, then we’re still in the game. We can still push through our failures, learn from them and achieve greatness.

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