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In Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence (my favorite character) often shouts, “Quiet!” to his students both in and outside of the dojo. It is his way of getting their attention or keep them from talking over him. And I love the tone of his voice when he yells it!

Johnny Lawrence QUIET- Cobra Kai Seasons 1-4

In the series, Johnny resorts to this as a means of showing his authority. He isn’t your typical sensei, and he doesn’t have time for political correctness. And he shouts, “Quiet!”. A lot.

When you are learning something for the first time, sometimes you are better served by just listening and observing at first. I used to feel anxiety when I was learning something that I didn’t understand, and I would ask tons of questions right off the bat. When I did that, I was often left feeling even more confused.

There is a time and place to ask questions and seek clarification. But when you are just learning, trust that the information you seek will come to you during the process. And if it doesn’t, you can always ask.

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