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It’s time to remember what it’s like to feel alive.

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Life and death, the two opposites that serve as a common thread uniting every single human being that ever existed. When we think about death, we realize the importance of truly living and feeling alive. But what does it mean to truly feel alive?

That’s a question that many people ask, but few can confidently reply to.

Is being alive just a matter of breathing in and out? Is it going through the daily routine and tasks, just to repeat them once more? Is it working, eating, talking, exercising, learning, and sleeping?

Living and feeling alive are two very different things. It’s easy to get caught up in just the surviving and existing part of living, but that lacks the exhilaration and joy that the experience of life truly has to offer us.

Feeling alive is more than just living. It’s about fully experiencing life with exhilaration and passion. Feeling alive doesn’t just mean being happy; it’s about being present and engaging with life with all your senses. It’s that feeling when you see a breathtaking sunset, or you make a deep connection with a stranger, or you feel moved by a song. It’s the feeling that wants to make you laugh and cry at the same time. It’s a beautiful feeling. So how can we be intentional about feeling more alive in our daily lives?

3 Ways to Feel More Alive

1. Seize the day. What do you want to do today? Live each moment as your last. Live today like there is no tomorrow. We often get caught up in this idea that we will ‘live’ later. But when is ‘later’? We go to school so that we can get into a good college. We study hard in college so we can get a good job. We work hard at our job so that we can retire. We keep waiting for the next thing in life, when we will be happy and when we can finally do what we want. The problem is the ‘next’ thing keeps changing and constantly moving further and further away. So stop chasing tomorrow. Stop chasing the weekend. Stop chasing your retirement. Stop waiting for that special occasion. Live your life today.

Want to take a road trip? Do it now! Want to call up your crush and share your feelings? Do it! Want to switch up your routine and go to the beach during your lunch break? Why not?

Seize the day and make every moment count.

2. Be present. Feeling alive means truly experiencing each moment. When we are distracted by our thoughts, phones, or what we want to eat for lunch later, we miss out on the moment around us. Rather than multitasking or thinking about something else, immerse yourself in the bliss of this moment. This moment doesn’t have to be extraordinary for you to fully enjoy it.

Remember, all you need to feel alive is to remind yourself of this present moment and the magic of being alive. Don’t take anything for granted; everything around you is a true miracle. Being a living, breathing human being is a marvel. You are alive, you are here, you are reading this. The words I have written are reaching you, wherever you are in the world, through this crazy thing called a computer and internet and thoughts and vibrations. That is beautiful. Let these small things move you.

3. Give up excuses. To feel alive, you need to give up excuses. It’s easy to stay in bed, watch Netflix, eat junk food, and go to sleep. But to feel alive, you need to give up the easy options and take intentional action. It means taking risks, whether that is signing up for that dance class you have always wanted to take, starting that dream business, or getting up to work out and get back in shape. You can always say “I don’t have enough time”, “I don’t have the money”, “what if I fail”, or “what if people judge me”, but such excuses keep us from truly experiencing life to the fullest.

Your time on earth is limited, so make each moment count. Life passes us faster than we realize. Seize the day, be fully present and intentional with every moment, and ditch the excuses! It’s time to live life to the fullest.

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