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This is the way.

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Can I just say that as a fan, my favorite story within the Star Wars universe is The Mandalorian? It’s even replaced The Empire Strikes Back, although it is now a close second. Creator, director and executive producer of this series, Jon Favreau, did an incredible job of creating this storyline. It’s incredibly hard to create a compelling character like Mando, when for almost the entire series, his face is masked and he is heavily armored in Beskar Steel. But Mando is strong and has a moral code that requires him to do the right thing – at great personal expense.

One of the catchphrases that Mando and his fellow Mandalorians often say is, “this is the way”. This phrase sums up a code that the Mandalorian live by and is kind of a religion. They are bonded by their commitment to their core beliefs and loyalty to one another. For the most part, they stay out of sight, live underground, and uphold very specific set of rules and guidelines for living.

For the Mandalorians, their way of life is all they have. Most of the Mandalorians are bounty hunters and highly skilled fighters. But prior to what we see in The Mandalorian, the Mandalore were nearly wiped out by the Empire in the Great Purge.

This is the way - The Mandalorian

The lesson here is that it is so important to stand for something in your life. As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything. When we deviate too far away from our core beliefs, we are susceptible to losing our way.

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