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Strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

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Strength is developed when you overcome all the things you thought you couldn’t. Maybe that is loss, in the form of the death of a loved one, or your partner deciding after 25 years of marriage they don’t want to be married anymore. Perhaps it’s a scary medical diagnosis, loss of your job, physical injury or any situation or circumstance that you once felt you’d never be able to move on from.

It is only by going through these dark times, that who we are and what we are capable of becomes clear. As Dolores says in Westworld, “When you’ve been in the darkness long enough, you begin to see.”   

Remember, the same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It is all about what you are made of, not the challenges and hardships that get thrown at you. And just as a side note, so far in this life, you have already survived 100% of what has happened to you.

What are some ways you can withstand life’s curveballs when they get thrown at you?

1. Change your thinking from this is happening to me to this is happening for me. Welcome struggle and adversity. It shapes your character and allows you to build confidence and resilience in yourself. Maybe the obstacle you are facing is the way. Maybe you have to go through these trials and tribulations so you can advance to the next level. What lesson is this trying to teach you? What wisdom and/or experience will you gain by what is happening right now?

2. Believe in yourself. I know it sounds cliché, but like Steve Jobs said, it is always the crazy people who think they can change the world that actually do. Sometimes when you approach a situation with the idea that you are going to “fake it until you make it”, a funny thing happens. You end up building confidence and your willing to take more risks.

3. Ask for help when you need it. A lot of us really struggle with this one, myself included. The truth is, we all need help sometimes. And for the most part, people will want to help you. Sometimes just having someone to vent to about your situation and unburdening yourself for five minutes makes a huge difference. Saying what is troubling you out loud to another person can make you feel less alone. For me it helps me feel refocused and recharged to deal with the situation.

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