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Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

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99% of the things that we fear and worry about never happens. Yet we stay stuck in a pattern of living our daily lives shackled by these fears that will likely never come to fruition. Why are we living our fears rather than our dreams?

We know that what we focus on, we become. We focus on our fears because it gives us some sense of control by causing us to go into “predictive mode”. We over analyze situations, predicting possible outcomes and how we will handle it, because it gives us a sense of control over whatever happens.

But the funny thing is, we can never account for all the possible scenarios or how we will handle them. And as I like to say, life has a funny way of throwing catfish curveballs at you and you end up in a situation you never predicted anyway. So why spend so much time focusing on these things?

I have found that for me, fear masks itself in procrastination. Sometimes I delay doing things because I really don’t know what will happen by taking action. So, I wait it out. Foolishly.   

Maybe we need to start looking at our dreams differently. Maybe we need to start asking ourselves:

What would happen if we started focusing on all that could go right, rather than what could go wrong? What if we stopped making excuses about why we can’t live our dreams? 

Being scared is part of being alive but fears we don’t face become our limits. And we have the ability eliminate those limits.

What fears are you living? What dreams do you want to start living?

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