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Let go or be dragged.

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We’ve all been in situations where it’s hard to let go of something or someone. But what happens to us when we refuse to let go and develop a pathological attachment to a person or outcome?

Let’s start with the basics. One of our biggest human needs is certainty. Certainty makes us feel safe and secure. There is nothing wrong with you for wanting certainty about a person or outcome. What messes us up is when we invest too much of our mental well-being into outcomes that we cannot control.

People are unpredictable. Our jobs can change on a whim. What we do have control over is how we respond to these situations. If we choose to hold on when the Universe is closing that opportunity or door for us, we will become a slave to our desired outcome. It’s almost like we become a victim of our circumstances and become powerless.

Another place where this saying holds true is any kind of addiction. If you are an addict, or know someone who is, you know the kind of hell pit you can be dragged down if you don’t structure your life where it’s a better choice to let go of the behaviors that led you to addiction in the first place.

One thing we can always be certain of is that change is constant. Change is put into our lives to challenge us, to open new doors for us and to help us grow. Letting go can be a new beginning. What things in your life do you need to let go of?

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