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Fear does not stop death, it stops life.

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It is said that 99% of the things we worry about or are afraid of, never actually happens. Yet we grant our fears so much validity in the moment. Perhaps if we believe we think on it happening enough, we can somehow control it better when it happens. But here’s the thing: nothing can really prepare you for loss, finding out you have an illness or anything bad happening. You will never be 100% prepared because you just can’t be.

If you are like me, when you get wrapped up in your fears, you forget to live. I literally have to give myself a brief period of time to engage with my fears and then I have to force myself to take a step back and accept that things are where they are right now. And I feel scared and uncertain, but it’s okay, because I am incredibly resilient and can get through anything. I literally tell myself that sometimes over and over again. Because believe me, if I keep engaging in the worst-case scenario, it will zap me all my energy and good things that I can enjoy or experience in the moment if I let it.

Here’s a small-scale example that really illustrates this quote. A few summers ago, my husband and I went on road trip and stopped at this nature preserve that we had been looking forward to visiting for a while. As we were walking towards the trail head, I saw a small garter snake and literally froze in place. Now I know my fear of snakes is off the charts, but I literally started to shake and had tears in my eyes. Crazy, right? I did not want to go on the trail – under any circumstances. I stood there frozen.

And as I was having my panic attack over this little snake, just chilling on the side of the trail, this little girl, maybe three or four years old came by. When she saw the snake, she got excited and ran towards it, to attempt to pick it up. But he was feeling frazzled by her interest and took off into the brush. She was living in the moment, wanting to experience it all.

Now as an adult, seeing a child get excited by seeing nature up close, as you’re shaking and nearly crying because you are so afraid, is really humbling. In that moment, I remembered being a child and being so fearless of everything. Watching her reaction was honestly a beautiful thing to witness and such an amazing reminder that we choose what we give meaning to in this world.

After I saw that, I wanted to hike the trail, and I am so glad that we did. We saw so many cool things and experienced nature in a way that really feeds my soul. Was I worried about seeing more snakes on the trail? Yes. But I pushed past my fear anyway and had an amazing experience. And…that amazing experience taught me that, 1.) I can overcome my fear of snakes and 2.) the magic of this world happens outside of our fears and our comfort zone.

Fear stops us from living and experiencing things. If you found out that you only had 30 days to live, what would you do? Would you express your love more? Would you take more chances? Would you do all the things you have been scared to do? Would you do all the things you have been waiting until you feel “ready” to do?

Isn’t it funny how when we feel that brush with death, all we want to do is live more than we ever have before? But here’s the thing – tomorrow is promised to no one. We will all die. And we don’t know when. Fear is not going to stop death. It robs us of life.

Our time here is limited and we are perishable items. What will you do today to live like you dying?

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