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Harry Potter Potion Series – Acromantula Venom

Acromantula Venom is a highly prized substance in potion making. It comes from the Acromantula spider and is impossible to extract while the spider is alive. Because the venom dries up quickly after death, the witch or wizard collecting it must do it fast.

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Horace Slughorn attends Aragog’s funeral and harvests the venom from the spider.

Aragog's Funeral - Harry Potter

Ingredients I used:

  • Small Glass Bottle
  • Styling Gel
  • Pearl White Metallic Acrylic Paint
  • Piping Bag (for easier transfer into the bottle)
  • Cooking Skewer
  • Jute Twine
  • Potion Label
Acromantula Venom : Harry Potter Potions : DIY Prop Bottle : Horace Slughorn : Aragog

I ended up mixing the styling gel and pearl white paint in a paper bowl before adding it to the piping bag so I would have even color. C&CC mixes hers in the piping bag, but I found it easier to use the bowl then scoop it into the piping bag.

You can get a good look at Slughorn’s label and the milkiness of the potion here:

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