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Make Hot Chocolate

When lock down first started, I resigned myself to not having the option to go to Starbucks or other coffee shops for my favorite beverages. So I started making my beverages at home, and I ended up enjoying them so much, that it’s become a normal part of my self-care routine. And I find that I actually prefer making things at home, rather than getting stuff out – including meals. Even my favorite Mexican foods that I thought I couldn’t live without!

(Cue Gollum) Yes, quarantine has taught us many things, precious! Yes, yes, yes!

So when I feel like having a tasty beverage, I make one at home and do some “extras” that make it a little more special. It sets my mood and just tastes good.

Today I am making hot chocolate.

You can use your favorite hot chocolate mix for this (or even a k-cup or Swiss Miss – whatever you like), but I am partial to Sillycow Farms. They use quality ingredients in their mix, and I love their glass packaging.

Photo Credit: Sillycow Farms

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of their mix at home, but I do have this incredible local chocolate milk that I purchased from the market that was in a glass bottle. Fancy-schmancy!

So instead of heating it on the stove top, like I normal would with regular milk to use with Sillycow, I am going to put the chocolate milk in my milk warmer/frother and warm it up.

Once it is warm enough, I add whipped cream, Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and shaved chocolate on top.

It literally takes less than a minute, and it totally dresses up a regular beverage into something luxurious! What kind of beverages do you like to make at home?

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