Self-Care Sunday

Ahhhhh, self-care. The thing we tend to put on the bottom of our daily to do lists. We promise ourselves that when we are done with a bunch of things, we will do something for ourselves. Or we say that we will do it “when we have time”. (Spoiler alert – we will never have the time. We must make the time!) Here’s the thing about self-care. It isn’t a selfish endeavor…and we aren’t martyrs for neglecting to take care of ourselves. Self-care is critical for our mental health. It helps put us in a healthy mindset. And if you’ve been with me even for a short period, you know I believe that mindset is everything! 

Take the time to prioritize your mental health by taking time every day to do something that nourishes your soul, makes you happy or recharges you. When we take care of ourselves, we are better people to others. 

Each Sunday I will post something that I am doing to practice self-care. It might be something super basic, but believe me, sometimes those basic things make a huge difference in our mindset. By coming along on my journey, I hope to give you some ideas about what you can incorporate in your own routine. I know it can be tricky to find things to do for yourself when you haven’t done it a lot. 

Berry Smoothie

Okay, so I am back with a self-care Sunday post! The last two weeks have been hectic! One of the ways I love to get my day started is with a healthy smoothie. I feel like I am caring for my body on a nutritional level, and it just tastes amazing. And I find that by getting my day started with having something healthy for breakfast, it kind of gets me into the right frame

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Campfire Cones

Happy Sunday! Today is Valentine’s Day, so it is already a day to splurge a little bit! But not only that, it is cold outside. It is snowing and a mere 10 degrees. Typically, our average weather here in February is around 60 degrees. So, it’s freezing, and I’m dreaming of warm nights near the campfire… Since it’s Valentine’s Day and we are really missing summer today, I thought why not make campfire cones? What

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Get Your Day Started with Gratitude

Welcome to our first Self-Care Sunday post! I had been debating on what to feature for our first topic, but then I thought about a daily practice that I have that literally has become second nature to me. It’s just part of my routine, like brushing my teeth. Get into the habit of spending just a few minutes every morning writing down things you are grateful for. When you start your day by thinking about

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