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Never underestimate the power of a planted seed.

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You cannot force someone to hear your message if they aren’t ready to receive it. However, there is incredible power in planting small seeds of how things can be different. Everyone has their right to their own feelings, what they choose to believe and whether they choose growth. Sometimes a good idea, or new way of thinking can take root and flourish – it just takes time.

Creation of any idea starts with a single seed. It stays buried in the soil, covered in darkness, without any evidence that is there. But beneath the surface, it’s forming its root system into the ground and it’s taking in nutrients and water. And it remains there, patiently growing into something greater than it was. All without calling attention to itself.

If you want to plant a seed in someone, lead by example. Show someone that things can be different in a subtle way and let them come to their own conclusions. Let them be the ones to embrace the seed and grow into something beautiful.

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